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Lisa Ackerman

Lisa’s objective as a yoga teacher is to help students of all levels develop their own relationship with his or her practice as the needs arise. One day it’s physical, the next emotional, spiritual or intellectual. She creates and holds a healing space for her students that welcomes more than just asana and the physical benefits. Lisa believes that yoga is magic and it’s practice can dramatically change our overall well-being.  Our yoga practice may hold the key for our total well-being and as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali tell us: “Yoga is the control of the fluctuations of the mind, and once we control the mind, there is nothing in this world that can bind us”.

Her teaching style is inspired by the breath as a bridge to the body and mind, alignment, anatomy, and the structure of each pose for our individual bodies.

Annette Barret

AnnetBarret“I consider myself an un-likely yogi. No background in ballet or gymnastics – just an ex long distance runner who ended up in a yoga class because my car ran out of gas and I missed the spin class at the gym. The only class available was a yoga class – I tried it and it was love at first down-dog. That was over a decade ago. Over the years I have practiced and participated in workshops and retreats with many fantastic teachers from a wide variety of yoga styles. I am inspired by all.

Yoga heals. It is that simple. My practice has helped me heal physical injuries and has eased me through traumatic emotional events in my life with a peaceful mind. Yoga is for everybody. Every body. I decided to become a teacher to help those who say ‘I wish I could do yoga , but I am not flexible, fit, young,….’ whatever is holding people back. I encourage my students to be open to what can happen on the mat, watch the magic unfold and have fun with it.”

Kate Bock

Kate began her yoga journey in 2004 when nothing in the world seemed to make any sense, yet she found Satya through yoga and a purpose to develop & strengthen her practice deeper. While she has experienced and enjoyed a variety of yoga classes and styles from Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Forrest, Vinyasa and Iyengar, her heart and body rejoice with a good ol’ Vinyasa flow. What yoga offers to the body, spirt and mind is not like any other physical work out or practice that Kate has personally ever experienced. While she’s tried many other forms of “exercise”, Kate finds herself always going back to the mat because yoga brings strength, focus, and challenges us to be truly present in the moment.

In addition to having earned a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology & Audiology with a minor in Sociology from Western Washington University, Kate also completed the Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher training at Rev Yoga in Napa, CA in true Vinyasa style.

Kate has personally felt the spiritual, therapeutic and uplifting power of yoga and has an infinite desire to bring this to others so everyone can experience the powerful healing and love that yoga has to offer. Kate can’t wait to greet you with light and love, on the mat. Let’s flow.

Susan Branum-Rousseau

Susan Branum Rousseau, ERYT has studied and moved through 25 years of dance, yoga and Pilates (i.e. lots of anatomy study). She earned a B.F.A. in Modern Dance from TCU, and served apprenticeships under many teachers including Rama Jyoti Vernon, Judith Lasater, Elise Miller, and Tom Hendrickson. She has owned 3 Yoga/Pilates studios in northern California and continues to teach yoga, Pilates and anatomy courses. She honors Angela Farmer, Mercy Sidbury, her family, many clients & students, as her gurus. She is featured on Angela Farmer’s two videos and has assisted in her women’s retreats.

Cari Lyn Conley

As a lifelong student of personal freedom and altruism it’s no wonder that Cari Lyn Conley has been practicing and studying the principles of yoga for over 25 years.  In that time she has explored many different styles of yoga and mindfulness exercises. Cari earned her 200RYT certificate from Yoga Community in Sonoma California in 2017 where she trained in the Raja Yoga Tradition.  She thanks her teachers Lisa Murray & Barbra Brady, and their teachers before them; back to Swami Rama and the roots of the lineage in the Himalayan Yoga Traditions.  Cari leads her students in a balanced sequence of Asana, Pranayama and meditation encouraging them to free(clear) their mind, body and spirit.  Her intention is to enhance her interactions with others by cultivating a path with them that enriches their lives with the gifts of yoga. She never wavers when sharing with others, that yoga is not about how stretchy you are, but rather, it is about using our time on the mat to create more love for ourselves and all beings. When we free our minds, the magic can happen.

Jessica DeLasaux

Through each yoga asana sequence I aim to unite the physical and mental aspects of the human form.   Linking every movement to one breath guides our body toward homeostasis.  The common goal of yoga is to reduce suffering, recent studies have shown how a consistent yoga practice will break the cycle of adrenal fatigue and chronic stress.  My curiosity only grows as I develop my own body awareness and learn more about the inner working of our extraordinary human form in relation to our spiritual and energetic yoga practice.  I have been a student of yoga since my early twenties and in 2015 received my yoga teacher training from Janet Stone and additional training in therapeutic yoga techniques from Harvey Deutch.

Janie Falk

JanieFalkYogaPassionAs a dedicated yoga educator influenced by my prior career as a nurse, I am fully committed to fostering a safe and nurturing environment to help people grow, feel empowered, and inspired in their lives. I offer the wisdom teachings of yoga with clarity and integrity and strive to create an openhearted, non-judgmental, and supportive community. As an accomplished and adept teacher with a keen eye, I am skillful at meeting the needs and limitations of practitioners at all levels.

When you come to my classes, you can expect clear informative instruction, to be inspired to cultivate greater stamina, strength and flexibility and challenged to reach beyond your perceived limitations. Each class focuses on one category of poses, is organized around a specific nurturing theme and offers modifications for all levels. By using incremental teaching techniques, the class is progressively sequenced to ensure students build understanding, confidence, grow in their practice and have a positive, rewarding experience. Emphasis is placed on a steady meditative flow of breath to calm the mind to turn your senses inward to discover new depths within your heart.

Initially drawn to yoga for its physical aspects, I unexpectedly discovered a connection to grace, community, and a myriad of holistic benefits when I found Anusara yoga. Through specific techniques of alignment, I finally found the key to unlocking the places I felt painfully stuck in. My practice transformed and made seemingly impossible poses now comfortably accessible. This experience has provided me with the bio-mechanical knowledge and compassion to help others overcome pain and fear and embrace their innermost potential.

Being a fully devoted yoga practitioner and teacher since 1997, I am enthusiastically committed to continuing my growth and education. Combined with my 2005 certification in Anusara yoga and significant teaching experience, I achieved the highest credentialing through Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level. You can find me in two locations: Napa, California and Maui, Hawaii where I offer public classes to all levels, individual therapeutic sessions and specialized workshops.

Nichole Golden Avery

Nichole’s greatest passion lies in the transmission of the sacred offerings of Yoga to her students. She has been in humble service of this divine life-practice for a decade and is an eternal student to the art of being a yogi in the modern world.

After taking classes from Nichole, students often say of the experience: “It’s like coming home.” Her students love her for her authentic sweetness, for always holding them accountable to finding their personal edge of transformation and for seasoning ancient teachings with just the right amount of humor.

Nichole is registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level, ERYT-500. As such Nichole has been leading and directing 200-hour teacher training programs since 2013. Nichole is a registered prenatal yoga teacher, PRYT. Nichole also has certifications as a Reiki Master, Holistic Nutrition Therapist and as a Doula.

Off the mat Nichole is an outdoor enthusiast, animal lover, writer and Broncos fan! When she isn’t teaching or practicing you can find her climbing fourteeners, traveling with her husband, snuggling with her puppies or enjoying quality time with her amazing family and beloved friends.

You can find out more about Nichole on her virtual home at:


You can also practice Yoga with Nichole anywhere, anytime at:


Katherine Lautenbach

After growing up in Green Bay Wisconsin I decided to seek out adventure in Germany in 2001.  After high school I left Green Bay and moved to Dortmund, Germany to start school at the university there.  During that time I also toured as a baritone saxophonist with the Glen Buschman Jazz Akademie big band.  In 2005 I moved back to Wisconsin to finish my BA in German studies and music at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. During my time in Europe, I started studying wine, upon my return I enrolled with the Court Master Sommelier program doing most of my education in Chicago. While the Midwest is beautiful, the winters tend to get long, so I was compelled to continue to study wine and move to California in 2007.  

After nearly 9 successful years in the Napa Valley wine business it was time to make another change, a healthful change.  That change was Life Balance.  As participants of our modern American culture, we tend to prioritize work over family, and even our health; the balance becomes lost in our lives.  Realizing this, was the catalyst for me to get my certifications in Yoga, and Personal training.  My goal is to help guide people toward a more balanced lifestyle through movement, strength training, and meditation practices.

with a focus on functional movement,  I work closely with my clients to design programs specific to their needs.

Rebecca McFall

Rebecca is a mother of two, and an independent childbirth educator, CD-DONA, certified doula, childbirth educator, (CMT) massage therapist and certified on pre and postnatal yoga.
Her teaching style offers a challenging but slower paced flow whether you are pregnant or not!  With attention to holding poses and focus on core and pelvic floor.

Marcy Nielsen-Berruezo

Marcy teaches in the Anusara tradition, inviting students to gain strength, flexibility, and balance while rediscovering their own inner grace.  Anusara, which means “from the heart” or “flowing with grace,” integrates the science of biomechanical alignment, the awakening of inner body awareness, and the celebration of the heart.

Marcy has studied extensively with John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga, and with Desiree Rumbaugh, Senior Certified Anusara Teacher Trainer, and with other yoga masters.  She has had over 800 hours of intensive training in Anusara and other yoga traditions, and more than 6700 hours experience teaching yoga.  She has intensively studied Tantrik philosophy and Neelakantha meditation with Shaivite scholar Paul Muller-Ortega.  In addition to her yoga experience, Marcy is a Reiki Master in three lineages, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, a Master’s degree in Special Education, five teaching credentials, and thirty years’ background teaching students with special needs, attesting to her commitment to helping students go from where they are to where they are able to go, with patience, acceptance, and openness of heart.  Her greatest joy is in awakening in her students a sense of their own marvelous possibilities.

Sandra Schonrock-Gardner

As a life long student of all things health and fitness, Sandra has participated in a wide range of sports including triathlons, snow sports, paddle boarding and surfing. She suffered a serious back injury while snow boarding, which introduced her to the classical Pilates world in the late 1990s while living in London. Working for many years in the high pressure advertising industry, she realised that she not only wanted to be a client, she wanted to share the benefits of Pilates. Hence she joined the world renowned gold standard Romana’s Authentic Pilates training program, in Auckland, New Zealand.

After completing over 800 hours as part of the rigorous apprenticeship in all equipment plus the mat work for both private clients and group work, she certified as a Level 5 Instructor.

Since then she has attended Continuous Education seminars, conferences and workshops in New Zealand, Australia, USA, and most recently in Italy attending The Vintage summer camp with Sandy Shimoda and Jay Grimes.

She currently lives in the Napa Valley, with her husband and two children, and is enjoying the wine country and exploring the USA.

Irene Tracy

Irene Tracey is a 200 RYT who has completed numerous workshops and trainings to not only deepen her own practice but teachings as well. While, vinyasa flow was her initial pull into the practice, starting off for merely the physical, she soon developed a deeper connection to slowing down and taking creating a more holistic approach. Her recent completion of a 200 hr Amba Movement training in Embodiment School of Yoga for Women has brought new transformation and structure into her course of study, creating deeper nourishment through breath and movement. Her creative, sometimes dance like flow will spark new openings and pathways. She has an eclectic love of music that is revealed through her creative playlist. Her goal with her students to is help them create a deeper level of love for themselves on and off the mat through the focus of being present. Irene has been fortunate enough to study under some admired teachers such as Bernie Clark and Meghan Morris.

Madhur-Nain Webster

Madhur-Nain-WebsterMadhur-Nain Webster’s entire life has been centered on the spiritual traditions and practices of yoga. Born in Amsterdam as Madhur-Nain Khalsa to accomplished yoga teachers. Her name, meaning “lotus eyes” in Punjabi, was given to her by famed Kundalini Yoga Master and close personal family friend, Yogi Bhajan.
Madhur Nain’s genuine love of humanity and fascination with the human mind and behavior inspired her to pursue a career where she could influence people and enrich their lives.

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