Yogis and Yoginis:

Gentle Etiquette Reminders

No Shoes on Studio Floor

Please arrive 10 minutes early to get yourself set up and ready for class

Check in at the desk before going into class even if you signed up online

If Late, Please Pause, Take a Breath and Notice if Class is in Meditation

Then slip in quietly and take your place.  If the room is crowded, catch the teacher’s eye and he/she will be happy to make room for you.

Please don’t give late-comers the stink-eye. Lateness happens.

Make room for others.  Everyone should feel welcome.

Please refrain from heavy perfumes, colognes or other artificial scents that may be intensified by the heat of the practice

Be Conscious Not to Step on Someone’s Mat

Please turn off your cell phones and do not bring phones into the studio

If you must leave early, please do not leave during Savasana. Please inform the teacher ahead of time, and try to take your Savasana with enough time to quietly exit before the start of the class’s final relaxation.

Practice the niyama “saucha” or cleanliness.  This includes personal hygiene as well as how you leave the studio; please wipe down any mats or props you borrow from the studio, and if you tend to sweat, please bring a towel to class

If you are waiting outside the studio for a class to finish, please keep your voice low, they may be in final relaxation or meditation

Practice non-attachment to the poses, always be safe and don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Thank you for practicing with us!