Class Levels

We welcome all levels from beginner to advanced to find their breath, create their flow and simply be.


For students new to yoga. This class works on the alignment in basic poses, breathing techniques and the beginnings of meditation. Expect slow-paced and detailed instruction.

Level 1-2

Ideal for those who have at least 6 months experience with yoga. For students who are ready to challenge themselves in more complex poses. Students should be familiar with the basic poses and basic yogic breath. The postures are presented in more challenging ways although modifications will always be offered. There will often be a flow element involved which will require a certain amount of strength and stamina.

Level 2+

Designed to take students to the intermediate level and to delve deeper into your practice. Familiarity with yoga poses is required. More advanced and challenging postures and sequences are introduced requiring more strength, stamina, and flexibility. Often you will hear the Sanskrit names called out in these classes.